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The old saying from Abraham Lincoln, "Ability may get you to the top but it's character that will keep you there," speaks right to the heart of our organizational culture. We value character in our team members as much as we value ability.

Web Design

Prices start at $3,000

Legnd is the preferred Web Design company of many businesses in the Baton Rouge area.  Our portfolio page lists just a few.


Prices start at $500/mo

You do not want an SEO company soley focused on search engine ranking. 'Rank' is only 1 part of what should be a complex SEO recipe ...and our results are delicious!

Social Media

Prices start at $400/mo

The importance of interacting with your customers is huge. When it comes to social media, let us steer your customers to your doorstep.

Branding & Design

Packages start at $1000

We start by researching a strong answer to, "What is Your Competitive Edge?" and end up with a solution that brings continuity across all marketing strategies.

Mobile Friendly

"On the house"

Mobile websites? Mobile-friendly? Responsive site design? Oh wow! Be confident that your site will look amazing on smartphones, handheld PCs, and other hand-held computers.

Dedicated Support

Free, 7 days a week

What happens 2 days after your site goes live and the unforeseen happens? Good support is commonly passed by or underrated, but trust we'll be on-the-spot for the long term.

We live, eat, and breathe this stuff

  • proper-planning-prevents-poor-performance

    Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

    Like any other marketing strategy, the goal of an SEO campaign is to put your brand in front of more people and, if done properly, the right people! As the Internet has grown, more and more people are using search engines to find products and services they are looking for.

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  • being-socially-exclusive

    Being Socially Exclusive

    One of the most important things you can do as a business on social media is to be exclusive. That may seem counter-intuitive to everyone who knows that businesses generally want to encourage “friendship” with any and all people that “like” their pages and are willing to see their updates in the newsfeed.

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  • getting-to-know-google-in-and-out

    [Video] Getting To Know Google

    A quick video guide to help you understand and get to know Google and SEO, featuring one of our clients, In & Out Phone Repair, and a little background information on our research and why we do what we do.

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  • building-a-relationship-with-google

    Building a Relationship with Google

    SEO is more than just a bag of tricks that lead to quick gains in SERPs. Through a series of strategic efforts, you can build a “long-term relationship" with Google, gradually earning its trust. Then, you can sit back and watch your rank climb the charts.

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